Getting the keys to a new studio…

So, I admit it, that title is a little click bait. This is a little bit of a throw back post to the day I first got the keys to the space we are currently renovating. The above image is the day I moved in. You can see that a lot has changed. The floor is possibly the first thing you will notice. That carpet was glued to a layer of lino that had sat on the concrete floor for at least a decade. It had formed a layer of mold that I spent quite some time safely removing. Removing that carpet and painting the floor was the first thing I did to the studio that was a massive improvement. Before I made that change it felt dark and claustrophobic. 

You will also notice that the mezzanine floor/shelf hasn’t been built at this point. It was a couple of years before that made an appearance. And a couple more after that before I took a dive from it! Another point to note is the lack of the changing room area and the window display wall. These where both added at the same time as the shelf. The old “Brands 4 less” logo was on the windows for quite some time before I finally removed it. 

Removing the old branding was definitely an improvement. 

This image was taken just as everything had been moved in and the Colorama’s had been hung up and the set floor laid. It didn’t quite feel like home yet. Especially after coming from a much cleaner, presentable albeit smaller studio space further down the road. 

The old space was a tiny office room on the bottom floor of a commercial building further down the road. It was very cramped, but looked really great. The other businesses on the floor where fantastic company as well. I was really sad to move from there, but I couldn’t fit in the small space for much longer and the limited modifications I was allowed to do to the room meant I couldn’t make many improvements, or significant alterations - like the shelf for storage. 

That being said, it was quite some time before any modifications were made to the current studio. The main alterations came in the form of the shelf and getting rid of that carpet. These images are the day the shelf was originally installed. Before it was completely finished and before the changing room was properly built. Also, note that the window display boarding was not installed yet either.

The construction of the changing room was relatively simple. Strips of baton where attached to the scaffold, the ply was then screwed directly onto these. A simple, but effective solution.  I couldn’t find an image to show the construction of the window display, but once that was in, that is pretty much how it has remained until recently when the renovations began. 

There will be an extensive update soon detailing what has been done to the studio over the past few days. It is looking a lot more homely and very professional these days. I’m definitely looking forwards to it being in a fully useable state.

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