So for a long time now I have been trying to create a vlog for a project I’m going to be working on in a little less than a month. It has been that long in the making that I’m almost sure in the first attempt at the vlog I opened with “in just under three months I’ll be taking on probably the most ambitious project to date” 

I will get the vlog organised before the project begins. (honest) 

For now I will start by blogging about it! The title of the project, “30in14” basically sums up the whole project in one easy hash taggable title. The idea is to create 30 separate (but in some cases thematically linked) shoots over 14 days. This idea came from a podcast, one of the hosts was trying to explain to another host that a project a company was undertaking was impossible. The host is a photographer, so the chap explaining this to him used the analogy “It’s like a client approaching you and saying “Look, I need you to shoot 30 jobs in 14 days” It’s impossible” This reached out to me, I had to try…

So I immediately tweeted about the idea and said I was going for it over Facebook. I “threw my hat over the wall” There is no turning back now. 

Initially I had given myself a little under 3 months prep time before the project and planned on taking at least the week before the project out of work so I could finalize everything. But, in my infinite wisdom I booked in work on nearly every single day up until the day before the project begins. (great forsight huh?) 

So it is becoming a real “Stress level zero” sort of deal. 

Currently I have several shoots planned and ready to go, the first three days are going to be primarily studio based, hair and beauty shoots. I have a fantastic hair and makeup team, some beautiful models and an amazing art director on board. I’m planning on completing as many shoots as possible in the first week, so we have more time to work on bigger, bolder more exciting editorials over the last week.

The art director, Emily, is an old friend who will be helping with the project pretty much all throughout. A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip down to Wales to recce the location for the final shoot of the project. The location is beautiful as is the model. Tomorrow I will be having another meeting with Emily to further discuss the styling of this and some of the other shoots.

It’s starting to come together! Hopefully by the end of next week the introduction vlog and the first vlog “diary” entry will be ready to go and up on the 2TP Youtube channel - www/youtube.com/2tpphoto

- Leemo

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