Studio renovation update!

Continuing on from the last update post, the studio is feeling much more like a studio again and less like a construction site. 

You can see from the panoramic image above that, all of the building supplies that did not get used to build the new set and what was left of the partition wall we took out were piled in the middle of the floor. This took up way too much space and was becoming a hazard. I decided a simple solution would be to hide the larger pieces of lumber in the back room, where they would be out of the way and store the offcuts and other pieces in the changing room. We don’t need to access that area at the moment, so it made sense to use it to store everything we could. 

I really dislike mess and disorder, so as you can imagine having everything all over the place is really getting on my nerves. The silver lining though, is that when this is finished there will be order and space for everything. The studio will be super tidy, clean and look great. So if I have to put up with a mess for a couple more weeks, I guess I’ll have to!

The walls in the back room which we call “Set 2” (back in the habit), have been lined and we could then set about painting them. So far, most of the surfaces have had two coats, the one with the light switch needs some repair work to the plaster at the bottom. I am waiting to finish painting that one until after the repair work has happened. 

I decided to paint some of the floor as a test. The original idea was to use thin ply wood as a surface layer. This would then be painted white, giving set 2 (electric boogaloo) a clean, crisp finish with no gaps between the walls and floor, no floor boards and just a smooth white surface to shoot on. But once I had seen the floor boards, I quite liked the aesthetic and figured testing out how they might look once painted would be a good idea. As it turns out, there has been something spilled on some of the boards and there are a few different kinds of wood and as a result the white isn’t “white white” all over. In some spots (where something was spilled), orange seeps through and other areas look grey. I think, with a good solid undercoat and some thick floor paint, we might get away with it. But I do think the original idea of ply wood is going to be the route we take.

Even Flint (the namesake of our company), wanted to get involved in the painting! Seen here on Set 2 (cruise control) with Bobbie as we applied the first coat of paint.

We added some finishing touches to the small section of partition wall that we had to leave in place behind the mezzanine. This piece of wall prevents the contents of the mezzanine “shelf” being visible from the back.

The front window area has been fully painted now and the company logo and example images are proudly displayed for passers by to see! Getting everything up on that wall, in the limited space, whilst balancing a tape measure, screws, drill, spirit level and the framed image, was a bit of a challenge! Our three year old took one look at it and said “One of them is wonky” and walked off. 

I also got rid of the horrendous old, broken blind and replaced it with a functioning one! This means now more light can come into the front area and we might actually look like we are open instead of permanently looking closed. I was going to take a tip from Kevin Smith and grab a bed sheet and some shoe polish as an alternate option… 

Bobbie spent some time stripping the old blown vinyl wallpaper from the front area and we gave Set 1 a fresh coat of paint and painted the wall where the wallpaper had been removed and the back of the window display some TLC as well. Then we rearranged things slightly and started to tidy up a little more. 

That brings us pretty much up to date again. Next on the list is a set of blinds for the mezzanine shelf. This will allow us to cover the area and hide away all the things that are stored up there. With flat white blinds it should look pretty tidy as well. Then the electrician is coming in to sort out the plugs and lights - I thought this was going to happen last week, but it was pushed back. Once that is done we can lay the ply wood floor in Set 2 (Judgement day) and begin the arduous task of painting the entire floor. 

We are hoping to be ready for action at the end of April and we will be running a special launch event which we will explain about over on the Flint Arrow facebook page and instagram! Check back soon for more updates! 

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