How much do we charge?

Product Photography

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Whether you require your product photographed flat, on a mannequin, or model*, our E-commerce photography pricing scheme remains the same.  
At Flint Arrow we charge by the item, there is no minimum order and the price includes the appropriate retouch work for the image style. 

You will receive an image to your bespoke specifications via digital download, or USB pen drive at an extra cost. 

Simple Garment

T-Shirts, sweaters, dresses, hoodies, trousers, skirts, legwear and simple tops.

Complex Garment

Jackets, coats, co-ord sets, jumpsuits, playsuits, complex lingerie and lingerie sets.

Lingerie and Swimwear

Basic lingerie, underwear and swimwear.


Gloves, headwear, eyewear scarves, socks, bags, jewellery and footwear.





Additional shots

Rear of garment, close up detail, alternate angle


Other products

We aren't limited to shooting just clothing and accessories. If you have a product that does not fit into the above categories and need product photography of it, Flint Arrow can help you! Whether it be an electronic device, home goods, food or toys. Prices vary depending on the type of item and size. Starting from:


*When using agency or self employed models, the rates for hiring the model still applies on top of the cost of the shoot. 

If a makeup artist is required for the shoot, this will also be an additional cost.

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