At Flint Arrow we offer a wide variety of services, mainly aimed at people who run online businesses who need crisp, clean photography to help sell their products.

Flat Shoot

Each garment will be carefully styled to match your standards and shot flat against a white background. This style lends a modern, clean aesthetic to the image. Displaying your product to the customer in an unbiased, accurate manner.


Are you looking for an image that shows your product creatively, possibly for social media or an advert? A creative flat shoot is a great option. The garment is styled to your standards and can be shot on a wide variety of backgrounds and styled as it would be worn or with other accessories. 


Ghost mannequin photography is a staple of E-Commerce. It effectively demonstrates to the viewer what the garment should look like when they wear it. 

Your product will be styled carefully to your standards and shot on a purpose designed ghost mannequin. 
As standard we will shoot just the front of the garment, but further angles and detail shots can be included.

E-Comm Model shot

The shots that often have the most impact and sway on whether a customer buys your product is the model shot. People love to see how the item will look on a person. Most E-Commerce model shots are high key, white backgrounds that are evenly lit and shot straight on. The Flint Arrow studio is designed with shooting fashion in mind and we can create beautiful, striking images in this style. However if you are looking for something more creative or if a studio shoot doesn't fit your companies aesthetic, location and more stylised options are also available.


Whilst the majority of the work we produce at Flint Arrow is aimed at the fashion industry, we do also cater for other fields such as homeware and furniture. 


A portrait photograph doesn't always have to be the same old pose on a white background. At Flint Arrow we can create a portrait that shows you as the world sees you. Whether you are looking for a corporate, sophisticated headshot for a professional website, or something to demonstrate your hair design prowess. We can cater your portrait session to you, our Accrington based studio is ideal for creative portraiture. We can also bring the shoot to you both indoors and out! 

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